Warrior Armortek Extreme Synthetic Rope 9mm x 38m

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Warrior Armortek Extreme Synthetic Rope 9mm x 38m
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The new SUPER TOUGH Armortek Extreme Winch Rope is designed to withstand the most rigorous winching punishment. These winch lines have a double braided construction consisting of an inner 12 strand ‚ core rope with a tightly woven outer shield.

The benefits to this type of rope are fantastic. First of all the inner core is extremely well protected from UV rays, as well as dirt abrasion. Secondly, the outer braid acts as an abrasion guard for the entire length of the core line. This translates into a longer lasting and much tougher rope.


‚ Made from ARMORTEK Ultra High Molecular
‚Weight Polyethylene Fibre.
‚Double braided construction.
‚12‚Äô heat shield for first drum wrap.
‚Lighter than steel (1/6 the weight of steel cable)
‚Armortek Extreme special coating for the highest abrasion resistance and durability.
‚Packed in lightweight Armortek Extreme polyester carry bag.

Breaking Strength of Armortek Extreme Ropes:

9mm – 8200kg
10mm – 9500kg
12mm – 12900kg

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy of information relating to this product, in the interest of technical improvement this specification may be altered without notice.


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