Warrior 240v 800KG Scaffold Hoist with Wireless Control

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Warrior 240v 800KG Scaffold Hoist with Wireless Control

A NEW Warrior 2015 Patented designed model 240v portable hoist, its unique design and elegant shape which hooks to scaffolding and makes the job of getting building materials etc. to upper storeys and roofs so much easier and safer. Suspending style with key interlock protection hook allows easy installation and safe working. New auto rope winding and direction exchange device allows steel rope to a line safely and without mess increasing the life of the rope by over 30 000 times. An ideal hoist for builders and roofers alike with 30m of usable cable.
High strength carbon construction with powder coated finish gives a strong and durable hoist. This hoist conforms to BS EN14492-2:2006 standard by an Internal dynamic brake design for both static, dynamic loading with standard with upper and lower limit switches and also thermal overload on the motor for added safety. Complete with a Built In wireless remote system.

The duty cycle of this winch is S3 – 20% on a 10 minute cycle. Simply translated this means that the unit can be used continuously for 2 minutes before an 8 minute cool down period is required. The load holding break will ensure that your load is held safely during down time.


Maximum Lifting Capacity – 400 / 800kgs (Single Line / Double Line)
Cable ; Length – 5.4mm x 32m steel with swivel hook
Line Speed – 8m/min Single Line at 400kg / 4m/min Double Line at 800kg
Limit Switch For Safety – Upper & Lower
Included – Complete wireless remote system.
Power Supply – 240v BS 13amp

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